5 Tips for Buying a New Mattress That Will Save You From Back Pain

How we sleep and what we sleep on can either enhance or improve our back pain. That is why it is important to choose a mattress that will fit your needs and improve your back pain.

Here are five tips for buying a new mattress that will save you from back pain.

Do your research and make a budget

Before you start shopping for a new mattress, you must be sure of how much you are willing to splurge on. Any major purchase with a budget will help you avoid spending more than you should. This will also help you buy a good quality mattress without all the extra accessories you don’t need.

Avoid Full Firm Mattresses

According to the British medical journal, Studies show that patients who suffer from back pain were more likely to improve their sleep when using a medium-firm mattress. Those who slept on a firm mattress have also reported reducing incidents of back issues and reduced the pain. The study reveals that medium-firm mattresses provide a better balance between support and comfort for the back.

Understand that price doesn’t always speak for its quality

When it comes to mattresses, the quality doesn’t always relate to its price tag. Find a bed that will help improve your back pain and sleep and goes with a natural latex mattress or memory foam. Avoid spring mattresses altogether.

Sample everything

Before you decide, make sure to try out every potential bed on your list. Consider how comfortable the bed as and try it out. Allow yourself some time to determine where the bed feels right or if it doesn’t.

With these tips, you will be able to buy a new mattress that not only you will enjoy but also help improve your back pain.

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6 Effective Treatments You Can Do For Lower Back Pain

For many who deal with back pain every day, it takes an entire process of searching for what works and what doesn’t. Traditional medicine often focuses on the anatomical problems but for many, keeping the pain away is a daily struggle.

Here are six effective treatments for lower back pain.

Restorative Sleep

Did you know that pain is a common cause of insomnia? Nearly two-thirds of people who suffer from chronic back pain also have some form of sleep disorder. Having little or inadequate sleep can worsen back pain. If you find yourself with insomnia, this vicious cycle must be treated along with your sleeping issues.


Using the muscles of your core can help support the lower spine and keep it active. These muscles must be targeted in particular through proper training. There are many simple exercises that you can do to tighten your core and reduce back pain such as sit ups, pull ups and even sitting on an exercise ball.

Hot and Cold Therapy

Applying simple hot and cold packs will help to reduce your back pain and speed up the process of healing. However, both have different effects. Cold therapy can contribute to reduce inflammation and work as a local anesthetic that will slow down the nerves. Heat therapy will help to stimulate blood flow and bring healing nutrients to the area of the lower back.


Tight hamstrings are often overlooked, but they may also be a contributor to lower back pain. If you feel that your hamstrings are too tight, your lower back and joints will also be stressed – and ultimately cause more pain. Stretching your hamstrings should be done carefully at least twice a day.

Keep the brain engaged

According to pain specialists, pain is not well understood just as it is not absolute. Your brain interprets how the pain signals send messages to your brain and how you perceive pain. You can develop certain skills that will reduce the signals through pain management.

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3 Shocking Causes of Lower Back Pain that No One Talks About

Did you know that many possible factors can be the cause of lower back pain? Getting familiar with your causes and symptoms can help you communicate with your physician and even prevent a misdiagnosis.

What that said, here are three shocking causes of lower back pain that no one talks about.

Bad Posture

Poor posture, especially when sitting can put a strain on your spine and the muscles surrounding it. This leads to the result of actual characteristics that alter the spine. This will lead to constricted nerves as well as other problematic issues such as soft tissues, joints, and discs. The act of sitting for extended periods of time will cause stress on your lumbar spine and aggravate existing issues of lower back pain.

If you have good posture but still find yourself sitting for an extended period, be sure to get up and move at least every thirty minutes. This will encourage blood flow, and aid in stress relieve on your lower back.

Lack of SleepHaving the wrong quality of sleep may not necessarily be the cause of lower back pain, but it does contribute to the pain. With lower back pain, many find it difficult to fall asleep. In turn, this can aggravate your pain and stuck in a cycle of no sleep and sensitive back issues.


Stress is known to cause plenty of health-related problems – but did you know that stress can also be the cause of lower back pain? Classified as a psychosomatic condition that means it is caused by psychological and or emotional factors that are held responsible for the symptoms of lower back pain.

While there is no set theory as to why stress can cause back pain, a majority of the theories all share the idea of emotional and psychological factors in common in the results of lower back pain.

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